What is graduation or to graduate a degree?

A graduate degree simply refers to higher levels of education after an undergraduate degree.

1.) Undergraduate Degrees – Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, etc.

Most people finish their education at this level, and instead choose to dedicate their time to working.

2.) Graduate Degrees – Master of Science, Juris Doctor, Masters in Business Administration, etc.

Graduate degrees are higher levels of education that succeed undergrad degrees.

These include three subtypes:

a.) Academic Degrees (Masters of Arts, Masters of Science, etc.)

b.) Professional Degrees (Juris Doctor, Medical Doctor, etc.)

c.) Professional Masters Degrees (Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Information Technology, etc.)

3.) Post-Graduate Degrees – Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Business Administration, etc.

Post-graduate degrees are mostly just for the academic. These are people who have reached a very high level of academic understanding in their fields. If the goal is to become an expert, a PhD is an instant symbol of absolute mastery.


So is graduation really important ?

From the very beginning of our life when we enter schools career paths are laid in front of us. What will you become when you grow up ? what would you like to become ? An Entrepreneur ? Engineer ? Pilot ? The list of possibilities continues but how can you become any of these ? The only answer we get is to graduate with Engineering degree , business degree etc. What are we being taught in these degrees ? Are these degrees really playing part in shaping up our careers ?

I am Engineering graduate , i graduated in 2011. I was working weekend after i finished my exams. My career begins straight away and its been 8 years and i would like to share few things i learned while working and meeting other people during my career as engineering graduate to answer the question above.  I started my career as engineering student doing project with company than on to the training engineering and making my way up to the Head of operations. I worked in two continents with contrasting work style and environments. I have had colleagues from different parts of the world from south America to Australia. One thing i can conclude for certain Graduation degrees are not specifically helping you build  or choose careers. 

Being a mechanical engineer i presumed that i would be building things with the help of knowledge i gained during my time in university learning all the technical knowledge and i would apply it in years ahead. To be honest i did build number of  things for the companies i worked for but i merely used that knowledge i learned during my time in university. Pondering over things i have achieved on the new year eve it made me sad that i spent my valuable time there yet i couldn’t cash it or translate it into the things i made or achieved.  One of my colleague with civil engineering degree is now surveillance manager in police department. I asked him how he got settled into this totally (electrical engineering or computer related field) different side he said he studied about surveillance on YouTube and red few books. Another Colleague of mine who is designing product solutions said the amount knowledge he poses after being master graduate all he have to do is plug pre set formula and viola solution is there and he asks “what shall i do with the rest of the knowledge i have ? “.

I have come across people who studied an arts degree and running organisations like pros, even better than some management graduates who by luck have climbed up the managing positions. Mostly to my knowledge top management positions are being held by engineers or doctors even but not the management graduates.

So graduation may be important but the universities who are distributing knowledge have a flawed system. These degrees should not only give knowledge but also teach skills to carry out work. Craftsmanship should be preferred instead of the pointless information being distributed in the name of degrees from universities. I would prefer Technical colleges instead universities any day because they equip people with the real knowledge and skill which people are sure to use for the rest of their life and cherish not being sad that they couldn’t use what they learned to full potential. Actual learning now days is occurring on the job, people first strive to get through to get the somewhat useless degree and then strive to learn again on the job which they have landed miraculously.

In the end where we stand today is we will still need to graduate just to start our careers in most cases. Exceptions will keep showing you there is another way and we have hope one day the exception become norm and norm fades away. Or the flawed system downloading useless information into human brains is re visited and come up with better and useful manner.




How do people read books?

Reading books have been termed by some as food for soul. Reading books are known to nourish people’s mind and soul. Single book has sometime formed a legend. Most of the successful people has attributed multiple books to reason behind there success. Also they wouldn’t shy away from recommending the book that inspired them most.  With so many good things coming out of reading books I sometime wonder:

Its just me or there are other people like me at the age of 29 I have a concentration span of a 2 year old maybe. I have tried so many times to read books but I just can’t read more than a page in one go and eventually I loose interest and I resort to other things. I like to read , I can read articles & short stories but books I don’t why I just can’t 😦 . I think I get scared about longevity of it or I am just unable to do it. I wonder sometimes where does this people come from who just get lost lost in their books , are they special breed or is it a skill only some possess. I don’t know but I am looking for answers.I have had suggestions from the readers but non of them helped me. Lets hope someone here can give good advices and maybe able to check this of my list.